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Who we are

The Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee is comprised of representatives from most of the neighborhoods and homeowners' associations east of I-75 along Bee Ridge Road, Bee Ridge Extension and Iona Road.

What we do

BRNC addresses a wide range of political and planning issues that affect its area by monitoring developer activity, consulting with county staff, and advocating its interests to county agencies and officials while ensuring that the residents and homeowners' associations in the Bee Ridge Road and Bee Ridge Extension Corridor are aware of development, land use and transportation issues affecting our communities.

How we started

The Bee Ridge Improvement Committee was organized by Joe O'Hara in October 2004 to focus on improving the appearance of Bee Ridge Road.

Road safety soon became the committee's major concern. We hired a professional engineering firm to produce a crash analysis and a traffic volume analysis. Using the analysis, BRNC lobbied county staff, the Board of County Commissioners and the County Administrator to include the improvement of Bee Ridge Road east of I-75 in the Capital Improvements Program.

In May 2006, the committee hosted a "Meet the Candidates Night" for those running for County Commissioner. Two hundred neighbors attended the event. The large turnout convinced the committee to expand its interests and the Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee was formed.